Transformers the Movie Trailer

Ok, so this is super geeky, but as a kid I used to love playing Transformers. For those of you who don’t know, Michael Bay (Armageddon) has been working on a full length action movie about the transformers, and it’s coming out July 4th. The new exclusive trailer was just released a few minutes ago on Yahoo, and it looks pretty wild. It will probably suck as a movie, but it should be entertaining. Check it out here. ** Update — I have a new posting up about The Transformers Movie, so check it out.

Orbital Floor Surgery, Take Two

As I said in my last entry, I am now at home recoupering from what is hopefully my last surgery to correct the damage from November. I’ll go through a quick walk through of yesterday. I woke up around 10am and basically just tried to kill some time until I was supposed to be at the hospital. I was originally going to take a cab down there at around 12:30pm, but it was such a nice day out that I decided to just walk the whole distance myself. Surprisingly, it only took me a half hour. Once I got there, everyone was immediately friendly. Even though I had to answer a pile more questions that I had already answered before, […]

Back at Home After Surgery

I’m not up to writing a full blog entry, but just wanted to let everyone know I made it home and that I’m recovering. The whole hospital procedure was far harder on me this time than last time, and I still feel really shaky. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel alot better.

New RSS Feed

For those of you that primarily read this blog via my RSS feed, I’d appreciate it if you can update to my new feedburner one. I plan to add some flickr photos to the stream from time to time, as well some goodies from a few other sites. You can access the new link here. I’ll override the old one too at some point when I have time, but it helps if you do this manually for now. Thanks.

A Quick Walk Tonight

I know I said I wouldn’t post again until after my surgery, but I took a few shots tonight, and liked this one the most. So enjoy. The countdown is officially on — I had that exciting call with the nurse today, and got the green light from Houston to go ahead with the launch. I find out tomorrow afternoon the exact time of my surgery, and will spend part of the day cleaning up and getting ready for it. Take care of the internet for me for a few days while I’m gone. Talk to you soon guys.

Last Entry for a Few Days

I don’t really have much to say, but I thought I’d write one last entry before my big surgery day. I spent most of the weekend putting in some hours for work, since I had a few meetings last week that took up too much time. Except for the party down at Bryght on Friday night, I didn’t really accomplish too much. Well, that’s not entirely true — today I went into my room and finally sat down to do my taxes.. I think I’m technically a few weeks late, but since I don’t owe any money, I don’t think anybody will kick up a big fuss (in fact, those sneaky bastards owe me $1100). About two months ago, somebody […]


Photo by Kris Krug Starting at 1pm this afternoon, a group of internet enthusiasts will be gathering down at the Bryght offices for some food, drinks, Nintendo Wii and lots of fun. It’s going to be a chance to mingle with like-minded people, enjoy some music, and even catch up on whatever internet-related project you currently have on the go. I’ll be meeting up later tonight with Kris, Kim, Boris, Rebecca, John, and a whack of other people I haven’t met yet. I think Kim even challenged me to a drinking contest, something I’m sure she’ll regret tomorrow.

Orbital Floor Surgery Appointment

Today I headed out to The University of British Columbia for an appointment with Dr. Kevin Bush, one of the best plastic surgeons (who specializes in cranial-facial reconstruction) in the province. I had some time to kill, so I spent 30 minutes just walking around enjoying the sunshine, reminiscing about the nearly eight years I spent wandering around the campus. It’s really weird being on campus in the summer. Most students don’t really have a chance to see the rose garden in full bloom, or enjoy campus life when the weather is nice out (since the school year coincides with the bad weather seasons in Vancouver). I had the opportunity to work on campus one summer, and it was really […]

New Kickers

First, I just want to say how bad Aldo shoes suck. I’ve blogged about that fact before I’m sure, but now as I am about to throw away a $110 pair of Aldo shoes that didn’t last six months, I am suddenly reminded of it. After the first two months, one of the soles came off. I told the guys at the store, and they just assumed I was way too hard on my shoes. So, I coughed up some cash and had the shoes fixed by a shoe-fixer guy. Two months later, same deal, except on the other side. So, I coughed up some more cash and had another shoe repair person fix the second one. Jump forward two […]

Payback, Air Canada

You thought this day would never come, didn’t you Air Canada? All your posturing, your laughing. You may not remember us, but we sure remember you. Oh yes, we haven’t forgotten the night we had together, have we precious? We remember landing in Toronto, coming back from a brief trip to Boston, so anxious to finally get into our own bed in Vancouver and fall asleep later that night. And dream. Yes, we dreamed once. Of fields and sunshine. But it took that from us. Yes, took it from us they did, my precious. Upon arriving in Toronto, one of its minions came forth, only to announce that our flight home, the last flight of the evening back to the […]