American India Pale Ale (1401)

A recently brewed an American India Pale Ale over the Christmas break. Beer Information I’m a big fan of American IPAs, and it’s usually what I drink when I’m lounging around home and I feel the need for a beer. Here are the target stats for this brew: BJCP Style: India Pale Ale – American IPA OG: 1.064 FG: 1.010 IBU: 65 ABV: 6.5% Color: 8 Batch Size: 5G Boil Duration: 60 mins Mash Temperature: 151F Brew Date: December 24th, 2013 Grain Bill 13lb 10oz – Canadian Pale Ale Malt 10oz – Caramel 40L 6oz – Caramel 15L 6oz – Wheat Malt Hop Bill/Schedule 1oz Simcoe – First wort hopped 0.3oz Centennial – @ 30 mins 0.8oz Citra – @ […]

1302 – Blonde Ale All-Grain Recipe

Luciana, helping measure grains

I friend of mine recently asked if I was putting all my beer recipes online, and I unfortunately was forced to answer no. When I started brewing I tried to put them all online, but the write-ups just took too long. So I’ve decided to start posting them again, but in a very limited format. That way it doesn’t take me long to post them, and hopefully I can solicit input from others. Beer Information My goal for this beer was to make something easily drinkable for some of my family that generally prefers lagers, and tend not to like really bitter ales. I find most blonde ales a bit boring, so I mashed it at 152F to add a […]

Building An Electric Brew System

The Megapot 1.2, the basis for my electric brewing system

I started brewing beers at home a little over a year ago. Having no real experience before starting, I did what most people do in this day and age and tried to read as much as I could on the internet as I could before starting. While many people start with extract brewing, I decided at the time to just dive right in with all-grain brewing. Like most beginners, I made many mistakes when I started. But over time I have slowly improved the areas where I felt most deficient and have generally been making better and better beers (at least in my mind). Like most home brewers, the part of the process I least enjoyed was bottling. Washing and […]

How To Build A Kegerator

About a year ago I picked up a new hobby – home brewing. I had quite a few friends who were into the hobby before me, and it just so happened that there was pretty great home-brew supply shop in town. So I thought at the time it would be fun to try my hand at brewing my own beer at home. I quite enjoy the entire brewing process to be honest. For me a picture-perfect Sunday usually involves a few movies on Netflix, a roast chicken in the oven for a late dinner, and brewing an occasional beer over the course of the day. That said my two least favourite aspects of the beer making process involve using my […]

All-Grain Beer Brewing: Lessons Learned

Back when I got back from Europe in December, I decided I needed a hobby to help me get through the cold Canadian winter. I eventually decided to take up beer making, since a) I like beer b) some of my friends brew beer and c) most of my friends like to drink beer, especially when it’s free. I’ve probably done close to 10 all-grain beer brews so far, and I wanted to share some of the things I have learned in this adventure. Had I read a post like this before I started, it probably would have saved me lots of pain and grief. But in the nature of giving back to beer drinkers and brewers around the world, […]