99% of Champions

Last modified on August 1st, 2007

Guest entry by Rebecca from Miss604.com

I just wrote a lovely piece on my own blog, Miss604.com then my provider decided to implode and take all of our sites with it (The Crazy Canucks, RadioZoom and Audihertz). Since I can’t get to my provider’s site I know it must be something on their end like a monkey in the ducts or something. Since I’m jonesing to blog, and since I haven’t done ENOUGH of that lately, Duane offered up his backend to me. Hot, I know.

This weekend John and I will be heading to the Okanagan for a much-needed getaway. It seems like nothing in our life comes without a struggle, and no matter how much that sucks, I’d like to think that just adds to life experience and character. That’s just sugar-coated way of saying the odds always seem to be stacked up against us, but then again – things could be a lot worse.

After we got married we didn’t honeymoon. We spent a night in a hotel then went to my parents’ house for brunch and to open gifts. A few weeks later we took a road trip to Kelowna and I don’t think we’ve both been away together, alone, since. Even though there was no flight to Hawaii or all-inclusive resort during our post-marital bliss, I don’t regret a thing or want for anything more than what I had:

  • My hair appointment somehow got lost in the shuffle so I ended up being 20 minutes late to the church.
  • My nephew Cameron fell off a pew with a ‘crash’ in church during the ceremony.
  • We put on the wrong rings and I didn’t realize it until the morning, when I woke up and thought it was odd that my wedding band was thicker than the one John was wearing.
  • And last night we were chatting about insane wedding presents. I think a ‘gift’ we’re most appreciative of is John’s dear friend Kris serenading him with a They Might be Giants song during our reception. Priceless.

I realize now that this post might be countering all those ‘looking for love in the City is tough’ entries by Duane, since it’s pretty mushy. But in my defense, (aside from just feeling very emotional right now from listening to Hospital Music) it took me a long time to find John… and I wasn’t even looking – but that’s when these things just creep up on you. So watch our Duaniac!

This weekend we’re going on this road trip we really can’t afford to take financially, but we’re so ready and willing emotionally. After spilling some personal stuff on Duane’s blog, when he expected me to write about baseball and boobs or something, I hope I didn’t ramble too much.

Sh*t happens (even like when your website goes down), but good stuff happens too… and it just makes it that much sweeter. If not for crazy taxing events in all our lives we wouldn’t even know Duane, and how super he is. He also likes long walks on the beach and can even walk through fire. Ladies, eat your heart out.