A bit more work

Last modified on January 20th, 2007

So I had a few more hours today to mess around with the website. I really wanted to integrate flickr comments into the wordpress ones somehow, but I didn’t see an easy way without changing some of wordpress under the hood. However, I’ve still managed to get the comments showing up in nearly the right place. If you click the title of a blog entry, it will take you to the single post page where you’ll see all the blog comments along with the flickr ones.

I’ve added a few photos to this entry just to demonstrate. Once this is all over I’m gonna clean up the plugin I wrote and release it to the public. There are a few other similar ones, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I’m actually really happy with how this is turning out so far. I think it goes pretty far along the path of tying some of the technologies I use on a routine basis together. There’s still a lot of places I can go, but I think this will be great in the future when I start diving into photography regularly, and writing about more important things. My original goal was to abstract all the content on the blog into a series of thumbnails, be it text blog entries, mp3 files, flickr photos, etc.. Everything was going to be a thumbnail with an action associated with it. I still would like to add a media player to the viewer, and possibly a video player as well. We’ll see though. I’d love feedback, or any ideas that anyone has.

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  1. Boris Mann says:

    Pretty sweet, Duane. The pictures and comments on top kind of distract from the main entry, though. Maybe move the Flickr comments underneath, or to the side? OR….some javascript to hide the comments on photos by default, and then they fold out?

    Needs to highlight your writing a bit more…

    …and when you have killer pictures, needs to have a bigger version of photos. Back to work! 😛

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