A Kid No More

Last modified on April 15th, 2008

One of the strange things I find about getting older is the fact that I no longer enjoy the same things I used to. Board games are a good example — I just plain don’t like them these days. I don’t mind sitting around a camp fire and playing asshole for eight hours, but I can’t be bothered with something like monopoly.

Another strange change is that I don’t really enjoy drinking or bars that much these days. I had a fairly crazy university life, and somehow (despite being in a dormitory filled with nerds and scholarship recipients) ended up on a floor full of people that liked to party hard. I was a really shy kid when I got to university, but I have fond memories of the five day bender we went on to kick start our second year of university. To be honest, I really have no idea how we did it like that back then.

There was also a four day drinking adventure in Halifax, NS, where eight of my friends and I flew out there for St. Patrick’s Day. The bars that weekend opened at 10am (and there were line-ups), and it was just four full days of craziness.

Nowadays, my Friday nights for the most part involve Diet Coke and a movie or two. If I want to get really crazy, I might do a bit of web programming or surf the internet for a while. The funny thing is, I don’t miss going to pubs really, and drinking not at all. On the odd day when I go out drinking nowadays, I find I can only have about three of four drinks before I’m pretty much guaranteed to have a hangover the next day. Maybe I successfully pickled my liver years ago — I’m not sure.