A Little Stock Goes A Long Way

Last modified on October 12th, 2009

I’ve been reading a lot of food/cooking related books lately. No real reason, just haven’t had too much else around to read. I actually stumbled across an 1,100 page culinary manual on the internet a while ago, and have slowly been absorbing it. In addition, I’ve been passively thumbing through various cookbooks I have around the house looking for dishes to try making over the next few months.

Last night I made myself a little roasted chicken for thanksgiving and watched a few movies by the fire. After the chicken was done, I decided to make my first chicken stock, thinking I would start making a few more soups over the course of the winter. I made about 8 cups of stock last night, freezing 6 cups in the freezer and leaving 2 cups out for soup today.

I decided I would make a broccoli soup this afternoon, something I’ve never done before. It also gave me a good excuse to try my new little food processor thingamabobber I bought last week. I actually turned out to be pretty tasty, and obviously it’s fairly healthy.

Brocolli Soup

I’m going to let everything digest for a bit, and then maybe go outside for a jog or maybe an afternoon photowalk. For now though, I’m going to watch a bit of 24 on TV and take it easy.

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