A Visit To The Interior

Last modified on October 4th, 2009

A while ago I was contacted by a PR company and asked if I wanted to enjoy an all inclusive weekend out in the Okanagan. I was fairly busy at the time, so wasn’t able to take advantage of the offer then. But given how my schedule is lightening up, now seems like a good time to have a relaxing weekend. So this upcoming weekend I’ll be heading to Kelowna for a weekend of Duane R & R.

I’ll be staying in the Delta Grand Okanagan hotel, which has a nice view of Lake Okanagan. I believe there’s a wine festival going on throughout the weekend, so I imagine I’ll class myself up a bit and pretend like I’m way cooler than I am for a night or two. I haven’t been to Kelowna in a few years, so it should be a really great time.

Other than a weekend of camping down in Oregon in the summer, I haven’t really been anywhere since last March, so I’m looking forward to escaping for a weekend. Tourism Kelowna is also trying to put together a few activities for me, so hopefully I’ll have a few things to do out there as well during the days. If not, I’m more than content to walk around Kelowna with my camera and take photos for an afternoon.

So Friday afternoon I’ll probably shut things down a bit early and head on a nice drive out towards Kelowna. I’ve been told there’s already snow up on the Coquihala Highway, so I’ll pack my chains in my car and make sure I make it to Kelowna while there’s still light out. But, I’m definitely looking forward to it.

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