Adventures in Camping, Part I

Last modified on July 28th, 2009

Well, yesterday was an interesting day. It started at about 8am for me when I went up to the campground site to check in. As I pointed out, checking in was an hour long process, made longer by a few people who for some reason thought they were privileged campers. Unfortunately I was stuck in a wireless hole, so I wasn’t able to take the call at 8am where I was supposed to be on the radio.

I’m going to be camping up there for three days, off and on, so I thought I’d write a few camping related entries. The strange thing about camping is that you always seem to run into the same types of people. Here’s a very short list of some of last night’s highlights:

The RV Camper

I’m not a big fan of RVs, to be honest. I understand the appeal when it’s raining out, but less so when it’s 35C and beautiful. I guess as you get older the appeal of sleeping on some hard dirt and rocks slowly diminishes, and you eventually enter the RV zone. But I’m holding out as long as possible.

It never fails though — there’s always some RV owner who shows up at the campground right when it’s closing and makes a big show out of setting up. The first problem is that RV owners typically can’t drive, and least not the ones that show up at midnight. That explains why, despite having someone to guide them, it takes them five or six attempts to park that 15′ motor home into the 40′ camping spot. And in the process of course, their headlights are lighting up all the campers, many of which are trying hard to sleep.

Then, after patting themselves on the back for such a good parking job, they whip out the flashlights, and spend the next 20 minutes figuring out where all the camping amenities are. Where’s the running water? Not really sure hun, but let’s shine this big light on that guy’s tent until we find it. Not there? What about by that other campsite’s tent? Is that a tent? Not sure, turn the light up and take a closer look.

Sometime around 1am the RV people finally go inside and call it a night. If you’re lucky, they’ll actually be there when you wake up, but many times, they’ll fire up the engines at 6am, blare some Hillbilly FM through the windows, and hit the road again.

The Parents Who Weren’t

I was a kid once, believe it or not, and without a doubt, I’m all for kids having a good time. But seriously, my campsite is not really a playground, especially when I have axes lying around or tent pegs sticking half way out of the ground. Last night some parents decided to play a game of tag or hide and go seek with their kids, and unfortunately, my campground became the Pelennor Fields of the event. It was amusing at first, but after an hour of having kids run around me in circles, it grew a bit old.

What bothers me the most is that the parents didn’t seem to care at all. You know, I get it. Parents are tired. You came camping so that you could have a little down time, and you’re happy your kids are running around and not bothering you guys. And that’s fine, but at least get up every once and a while and check on your kids, or pretend to show some interest in what they’re doing.

The Air Horn

It never fails. Despite all the hot dogs, the games of tag, the swimming, the marshmallows by the fire, the laughing, the singing, and the sleeping in the outdoors, there’s always some kid who, at around 4am or so, decides that no, they actually DO NOT like camping, and the previous day’s enjoyment was just a ruse. At that point, the screaming begins, gently at first, like a siren slowly being activated, until it reaches such ear-piercing loudness that a 747 could pass over the campsite and not be heard.

Most of the time it’s some kid calling for his or her mommy, even though they are probably right beside them. This morning’s kid was a bit more energetic though, and she sprung from the tent and started running around the campground screaming about how she hated life and wanted to go home. I’m really not sure where the parents were — probably sleeping I imagine. But round and round she went, screaming at the top of her lungs.

Anyways, I’m back at home now for the day, mainly so I can water my plants and get in a day of work here. I’ll probably head back up to the campground around 2pm or 3pm again, and I’m sure I’ll have many more stories to tell tomorrow.

4 responses to “Adventures in Camping, Part I”

  1. Dave says:

    These are the reasons why I’m not a big fan of calling ‘car camping’ camping. 🙂 I prefer my camping deep in the woods of Algonquin park, or some similar environs next to a body of water that I traveled to in a canoe. Hope to get out on at least one trip this year.

  2. Tyler says:

    Wow sounds like so far its be pretty fun… or not..

    I dont think I’ve really ever experienced this camping, even when we took our 42′ RV to a Redwood campsite way back when, there didnt seem to be much of an issue (we typically took it to RV Campsites, especially KOAs).

    As for the camping part, you should head out over to Tofino one weekend and check out Green Point Campground. The spots are large, and spaced a good deal apart (from other campsites I’ve been too). In fact you couldn’t see the campgsites behind us that’s how much forest is inbetween. No crazy kids running a mock. Though there was one guy who took 15 tries to get his 5th-wheeler into his spot, but that was during the day. You have to check in before a particular time I believe. Though ONLY downside to that campsite is that there are no showers.

    Though I do see why you head to Chiliwack, pretty close to your new place but remote enough to be fun! I’ll have to try out Chiliwack one day.

    Hope it gets better for ya!

  3. Duane Storey says:

    I’m actually having a good time. It’s just fun to complain sometimes!

  4. VancityAllie says:

    I hear ya.

    Backing up Tyler on the Greenpoint suggestion!

    That being said… the drive along the highway to Tofino behind 5 or 6 slow.. SLOW RVs… that never go into the pullouts, is enough to turn you off of it forever 😉

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