So Leila just came up to me at work today and said congrats. I said “for what?” And she said she was recently on an Air Transat flight and came across a pile of photos in the middle of the in-flight magazine from my last trip to the Dominican Republic. She said they all said “photo by Duane Storey”, and that she was sure they were mine.

Funny thing is I had no idea they had been published. I know Air Transat has a section where users can submit their photos for consideration, which I did after coming back from the Dominican Republic, but nobody ever contacted me and said they were going to use them.

One of the photos they probably used

I’m totally happy that people are looking at my photos on every Air Transat plane now, but it would have been nice to know I had been published though, and to maybe get a hard copy of the magazine in the mail.

Update – I’ve talked to Air Transat, and it sounds like they are going to send me a few hard copies. Thanks!

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