Alas poor Samsung, I knew thee well

Last modified on August 9th, 2006

Well, I don’t know how I pulled it off, but somehow my cell phone got away from me the other day and plummetted 15 stories. Surprisingly, I managed to put most of it back together. It can still make calls, but the LCD is hooped, so I can’t use the contact list or get text messages or anything. I’m pretty amazed actually that it managed to survive at all. I calculated a few properties of the fall:

  • height fallen: 40 meters
  • speed at impact (assuming no air resistance): 28 m/s (101 km/h)
  • total time taken to fall: 2.8 seconds
  • g-force sustained during impact: 285 G’s

I was thinking about having some fun when I drop it off at the Bell Mobility store to be fixed. Here are some of the lines I’m preparing to say without smiling:

  • Yeah, it just stopped working
  • I’m not sure why the left side of the phone is cracked open
  • Yes, the LCD was always like that
  • What do you mean dropping the phone out of a 15 story window isn’t covered under warranty?

Wish me luck.

3 responses to “Alas poor Samsung, I knew thee well”

  1. Clay says:

    Heh I used to work in the cell phone world. People would come in with phones that had rusted caps and condensation on the screen and swear up and down that it never saw water. They weren’t the worst…the worst were the ones who came in and said things like “My girlfriend pissed me off so I dumped it in her ceasar. What do you mean that’s not covered under warranty?” (true story that one…had to call security on the guy eventually…)

  2. Tom says:

    Best laugh I’ve had in a good while……Great post buddy…

  3. mel says:

    heh.. I figure in customer service it’s totally fine to lie 🙂

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