I’m currently sitting at Gate C43 in Vancouver International airport, on my way to Charlotte, NC for New Year’s eve party with a few friends. My friend Matt is the live entertainment for a party that Dale Earnhardt Junior is throwing, and I thought it would be cool to ring in the new year with everyone down there instead of spending it in Chilliwack.

Flights around this time of year are around $800 return, but thanks to that recent terrorist scare, I found a couple steals for a little over $300 return, which is why I booked yesterday. So I’m on the red-eye flight to Toronto, and from there a short jaunt over to Charlotte. The party starts at 5pm I believe tomorrow down at the Whisky River pub, which seems to resemble Maple Ridge’s Rooster’s pub, complete with a mechanical bull.

Dale Jr. is the host for the party, and it will be cool to see that. Other than that, I really have no expectations, and am just looking forward to ringing in the New Year in a new place with some new people. I haven’t been in a different time zone for New Year’s eve since about 2002, so it will be cool to ring it in a few hours ahead of everyone back home. I used to have a tradition where I would call my dad shortly after midnight while out in Ottawa, so I’m hoping to bring that back tomorrow night.

Unfortunately the only way to get a super cheap flight was to take the morning flight out of Charlotte on the 1st, which means I have to be at the airport around 6am on New Year’s day. That either means I’m only going to get a few hours of sleep that night, or that I’m not going to sleep at all (more likely). Either way, flying after a night of drinking sucks, so I’m going to try and pace myself such that I’m fine for the flight home.

The next 36 hours are going to fly by, and I doubt I’ll blog or tweet in any capacity. So, I’ll give an update when I’m back home in Chilliwack, which will be Friday afternoon sometime. I hope everyone has a great New Years — nobody do anything dumb like drink and drive!