Miss604 Heading To Test The Nation

Last modified on January 19th, 2008

I was up late playing around with some stuff on the computer, and didn’t manage to actually lay down until around 2:30am. I figured since I was getting up at 6:30am to drive Rebecca to the airport that four hours should be enough time. Unfortunately I think forgot to factor in the amount of caffeine I had had over the course of the evening. So when my alarm started beeping at 6:30am, I realized I hadn’t really had any sleep yet.

Upon arriving at the airport, Rebecca had a call from her people out in Toronto letting her know that her flight had been cancelled. So we went to Milestone’s restaurant to have something to eat, hoping eventually there would be a plane that would take her to Toronto. The strange thing is Air Canada didn’t really offer any excuse or anything for why the plane suddenly wasn’t flying at 9am. Thankfully they put her on the 10:30am flight, which when John and I left at around 9am wasn’t scheduled to leave until 11am due to some other reason. Those of you who follow my blog know I have absolutely no love for Air Canada, so I’m not surprised at all. Hopefully she’s in the air by now and on her way.

For those of you turning in, Rebecca will be on the air tomorrow at 8pm local time on CBC. Make sure you check it out!

I got home and put my head on the pillow, and just woke up now at around 1:30pm. So much for Saturday morning.

4 responses to “Miss604 Heading To Test The Nation”

  1. Rebecca says:

    thanks for the ride!!!

  2. Duane Storey says:

    thanks for the food!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I flew Air Canada home from Winnipeg today and not only did they double charge my co-worker for his ticket when we bought them in Regina, they almost didn’t let him get on the plane today because the guy at the ticket counter had kept the original copy and only given him his boarding pass…the hassle that my buddy got when we were trying to board without it was insane! We didn’t think they were going to let us go.
    So, with regards to your comment about having “no love for Air Canada”…I second that. The only plus is that I got to watch “Superbad” during my flight.

  4. PatZ says:

    You’d think that restructuring the company after just about going under would do something to improve customer service… last year they stranded my sister and grandpa in Beijing for two days without offering to help them find any flights home, and when they made it back, every customer service rep we talked to refused to apologize for it or offer any kind of compensation. But I guess having Celine Dion sing for your workers makes everything ok.

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