Another Happy Mac Customer

Last modified on February 25th, 2007

One of the last conversations I had at Northern Voice was with Michael Klassen, and it was about how Microsoft had completely forgotten about the end-user. Sure, maybe they spent five years working hard to make a new OS that they hoped everyone would like, but the user-experience just isn’t there. Which is really the prime area where Apple excels — they listen to the end user, and make the experience simple and productive. Other companies simply want to focus on the “how” and not the “why”. Having a really elegantly coded application with a crappy user interface is just a waste of time. To have a successful software project you really need to listen to the end user.

Which makes what happened a few minutes ago all the cooler. I was sitting on my couch listening to music when suddenly I got an SMS message on my phone asking me to log into Yahoo. A few minutes later I was talking to Joey, giving some guidance on how to get my plugin working for him with WordPress. Turns out it was a simple typo on his end, brought about undoubtedly by some crappy documentation on my end, but it was rather easy to get working for him.

And right away, he’s another happy customer, thankful that he can replace all the flash on his website with the features of Crossroads. I even asked him for some suggestions, which he gave me. Sometime this week I’ll release version 1.1 which should offer a few more cool features and bring me one step closer to integrating with a few other things such as YouTube.

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  1. Joe Primiani says:

    Thanks so much again! I love this collaboration between technology enthusiasts. You rock!

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