Another Rainy Weekend

Last modified on May 2nd, 2010

I spent most of this weekend chilling out around the house. I took a bit of time out on Saturday to hit a few legs of the circle farm tour with Raeleigh and Eileen. One of these days I’ll manage to hit the rest of the places on the tour, but I’m slowly nailing them, a month at a time.

I’ve been meaning to take a weekend trip somewhere, but with the rain I haven’t been motivated enough to get in the car lately. I want to get rid of my travel VISA soon, since it has a yearly fee attached to it, but before I do that I need to blow off a pile of points on it, and I plan to rent a pretty nice cabin or hotel somewhere for a weekend to use them up. I have a few spots in mind, I just need a bit of sunshine and some light on the open road before I disappear.

I’ve been on a nasal spray for my nose for about 6 days now, and I’m happy to say that I’m actually starting to feel a lot better. To be honest, it feels weird to be able to breathe through my nose again, which I guess means it’s been plugged up for a very long time. It’s still not perfect yet — I still go through phases of being a bit stuffy. But for the most part they seem to be opening up quite nicely.

Next weekend we’re having a WordCamp Vancouver meeting, which means I have to head into the city. After that, all the WordCamp ducks shout hopefully be in a row, which means I can take a few weekends off. Assuming the weather picks up, I’ll hopefully do a road trip or some camping soon. Other than that, another week as usual coming up. We’re getting pretty close to releasing a beta of WPtouch 2.0 — if you’re interested in it when it comes out, check it out.

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