Another Year Gone By

Last modified on December 30th, 2007

Well, that’s it folks — 2007 is basically all over. For me, it was undoubtedly one of the hardest years in my life. I have usually always been able to find the good in things that sometimes turn out bad, but this last year is one that for the most part I am happy to leave behind.

That being said, I have lots of good memories from this last year. Rob’s wedding. Massey Hall show in Toronto. Crazy halloween eyeball smashing party. Las Vegas. The Dominican Republic. Drunk Camp. Finland. New friends. Old friends.

Tomorrow night I’ll be bouncing around Toronto, and for the first time in quite a few years, will not be in Vancouver for New Year’s. It will be cool to close down the year in a different city, having a few beers with some good people.

In terms of next year, I’m not really sure what to expect. The last 28 days of being alcohol free forced me to take a break and slow things down a little bit, which has actually been really nice and given me a new perspective in a few areas. While I missed the social settings that drinking provides, I didn’t find I missed drinking or hangovers at all.

It was great hanging out with my family over the holidays, and some of my old friends — I’d like to do more of that in the New Year. I think I’ll spend more time around home, and more time around my friends. I’d like to read a bit more, and travel a bit more. The last few trips I’ve done I have done alone, and I think I’ll defer the next one until I can convince some people to go with me for a change. In fact, almost all my vacations have involved a plane ride, hotels, bouncing around with crazy schedules, and for the most part, have not really been that relaxing (even though they were fun). I think this year I will take at least one week off of work in the summer and simply go camping by a lake somewhere with some friends.

There are a lot of things I used to do and really enjoy that I don’t seem to do anymore for some reason. Things like going to the movies, or walking around with my camera. I’m going to make an effort to start doing all of those things again.

But, I’m looking forward to another year, filled with great people and great memories. Next post will probably be in 2008, so Happy New Year everyone.