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Last modified on October 18th, 2007

A few weeks ago I went down to the Bell Mobility store and asked how much longer I was shackled to their service. Unfortunately, it’s on the order of two more years, which means I really can’t get a iPhone and switch to Rogers (although, I’m still not sure that’s a great option either).

So tonight, while talking to Jason, he was telling me about his recent iPod Touch purchase. It’s basically the same as the iPhone, except it doesn’t have a camera or obviously a phone. But the user-interface is roughly the same, and it has Wi-Fi, so you can surf the web wherever you are.

The first thing I have to say about Apple is I how much I appeciate the effort they take in reducing their packaging size. Seriously, the packaging is hardly much bigger than the device itself, which I think is really cool.

The next thing I’m going to say is that I’m not really a huge fan of the stainless steal back on the iPod Touch. After holding it for a while, you can clearly make out a pile of fingerprints on the back. I mean, Apple ships a cloth with the device so you can clean it — clearly that points to something that can be done better.

And now for my biggest pet peeve at all — Apple, are you listening? For crying out loud — make some black headphones! The white headphones looked cool on the generation one iPods that were all silver, but seriously, it looks silly on a nearly all-black device. This goes for my last black iPod as well.

Other than that, I’ve been pretty impressed with it. The browser is actually a full-fledged browser, and you can use the device to surf using wireless G, so I think this is a really useful device when your laptop isn’t handy. I’ll take it with me to Ottawa and Toronto and play with it a bit more in the real world.

2 responses to “Apple iPod Touch”

  1. S says:

    I guess you don’t understand the marketing beauty in having white headphones. Since most people hide their iDevices (iPod,iTouch,iPhone) in their pocket when they walk down the street, should they have black headphones like all other devices, there would be no way to tell that they had one. Now having white one stands out and makes others that have black headphones think “hmm what device is that?” which is the start. Now that iDevices are the norm, you see them everywhere and that’s also a way to convince the last few people that don’t have iDevices to join the cool people that have them. Pretty smart if you ask me. Sony did a similar thing in the 80s with their yellow walkmans. At that time, Walkmans weren’t small enough to fit in pockets so you had to carry them on your belt. They stood out like a million bucks and became the number one selling portable audio devices in no time.

  2. Duane Storey says:

    I dunno man. I understand the bold yellow walkman thing, but headphones have been on devices for a long time. I’m not sure I buy the apple trying to stand out thing, at least not anymore.

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