Apple Store Coming to Vancouver?!

Last modified on October 19th, 2007

This should be my last Apple post for a while, but I thought this was newsworthy.

Photo from here

A friend sent me an email this morning which basically talks about Vancouver being chosen for a new Apple store.

After years of speculation and anticipation, there is finally confirmation that that an Apple store will occupy a space inside the Pacific Centre Mall in downtown Vancouver (BC). The three-block indoor mall has been undergoing a long-term and extensive renovation that included demolition, construction and the juggling and moving of several retailers, along with the addition of new stores. But Apple isn’t among those new tenants. Instead, additional construction will begin in 2009 for retail space where Apple will locate its first western Canada store. That work will be finished by the holiday season of 2009 and, most importantly, for the 2010 Olympic Games that begin in February.

It’s still a ways away, but it looks like to plans are ready to go. Will be cool to have a real Apple store in town. This seems to be on a few sites, so hopefully it’s not all based on the same rumour.