Baby's got a new bag

Last modified on June 14th, 2007

As you can see, things look a little different around here after tonight. I got tired of looking at my old theme about two days after I put it up, but just didn’t feel like doing anything about it. So tonight while watching Million Dollar Baby, I decided to take a stab and making it a bit different.

It’s nothing fancy — all I did is start with the default WordPress theme and add a few things here and there. The main header is a HDR sunrise I did off my patio about a month ago. Gravatars are broken right now, but since Keira and I seem to be the only ones using them, it’s not really any big hardship. Also, I’d like to get the concept of “notes” or “asides” back, but I want to do something new with them (I was thinking some kind of Ajax ticker tape maybe?)

I’ll try and get those working and finish things off sometime this weekend. Feel free to comment on what you think so far.

** One of the unexpected side-effects of all this is that it seems to be so much faster now.