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Last modified on May 24th, 2007

Last night I ventured out for dinner briefly down to Granville Island with Jason, and managed to enjoy a bit of the sunshine. I haven’t really been sleeping that well lately (yesterday I didn’t get to sleep until 8am, waking up sometime around 3pm), so I think my lack of sleep has finally caught up with me (I was up at 5am this morning after only sleeping a few hours). Maybe it’s the drugs leaving my system, or maybe just some stuff on my mind — I’m not sure.

The good news is that in about three hours I’ll be down at UBC getting my stitches out. I’m excited because I’ll finally be able to see myself without a pile of tape on my face, and will be able to shower properly and not worry when I put a shirt on that I’m going to hurt myself. My first impression of the scar on my face is that it’s definitely a bit larger than the last one, so hopefully it starts to fade and blend in in short order. I generally wear glasses now so it shouldn’t be too noticable (and maybe my last scar was this large last time and I just forgot).

I’m meeting a few people for lunch today, and then heading into work briefly to talk about a few things. I’ve been told to take tomorrow off and rest a bit more before starting work full time on Monday, and I can’t really argue with that logic. So, I’m going to take it easy one last weekend, and work my way back into the grind next week. I’m going to hold off commenting on my vision in any detail for a week or two just in case things suddenly get worse, but so far things seem promising.

I’ve been a pretty delinquent blogger this last week, so I’ll try and catch up on some points this weekend. I also have to set up another public blog, so I have my work cut out for me.

Here’s a shot of the sun rising I took yesterday from my patio.

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  1. Brennen says:

    i am sure you have heard this before but a good vitamin E cream on your scar can help reduce the scar tissue.

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