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Last modified on September 28th, 2009

I just got home from dropping Dale and Patrick off at the Abbotsford airport. Without a doubt, it was a great visit, and it was good to catch up with both of them.

As I mentioned previously, this last weekend was the last item on my radar for the foreseeable future. This last summer was extremely busy — I attended two out of town conferences, and it seemed like I was bouncing in and out of the city on a routine basis. Given that I moved into my new place here in January, it’s only recently that I’ve found the chunk of time necessary to finally unpack. We’re also been extremely busy at BraveNewCode, and Dale and I have both been feeling a bit worn out these last few weeks.

Over the next few months, I’m going to be purposefully taking some personal time out from things. One thing that’s stressed me out lately is the pressure from other people to be places or to partake in events I wouldn’t normally want to be a part of. Even the other day when I was in Vancouver a few people got a bit choked that I didn’t take time out to cart my out-of-town friends around to visit them, but the last thing anyone in our group really wanted to do was spend even more time in the car or fighting Vancouver traffic. All we wanted was to spend a few hours by ourselves on a patio near Stanley Park, and then head back to the country.

So, for the next few months, I’ll be staying close to home. I have a few events in November, and a two week trip to the Dominican Republic, but other than that it’s extremely unlikely you’ll find me in the city before Christmas.

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  1. Lynn C says:

    I hate that feeling of never being caught up / rested / relaxed / settled. Hope you are able to recharge!

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