Blogathon 2008 & Union Gospel Update

Last modified on July 30th, 2008

Rebecca posted a comment on another entry that said as of last night, we raised $7,992.50 for the Union Gospel Mission over the weekend. That’s the total between pledges on my blog, pledges on Rebecca’s blog, and Matt’s demo listening auction that went for $4000. Best part is that my mom had to mail her donation in because she couldn’t figure out the online system (not sure where I get my computer skills from honestly). That means when it arrives, we’ll be up to $8,092.50!.

In terms of the entire blogathon effort, I think 13 bloggers raised roughly $20,000 total for their respective charities. Not bad for a weekend’s worth of writing.

Anyways, thanks again to everyone who participated, either by blogging, by commenting, or by donating financially. That money will ultimately end up helping the homeless, either by providing a warm place to sleep, getting someone the medical help they need, or by providing a warm meal from time to time.