Blogathon Vancouver

Last modified on July 23rd, 2008

Last year my good pal Rebecca stayed up for 24 hours straight and participated in an event called “Blogathon”. For a full day, Rebecca did a blog post every 30 minutes, hoping to inspire people and bring visibility to a charity of her choosing.

This year I’ve decided to participate in Blogathon, which this year is sponsored by

Blogathon Vancouer

I’m going to be supporting the Union Gospel Mission, which ultimately lends help to those less fortunate in Vancouver. Rebecca is also supporting them, so hopefully between the two of us (and possibly a few others) we’ll be able to raise some money to help out some of the less fortunate individuals in our fair city.

I’ll be revamping my site slightly to draw attention to Blogathon as it happens, but make sure you check back often while it’s going on. I’m going to be doing the sunshine shift, which means I’ll be starting at 10pm on Friday night, and ending at 10pm on Saturday. If you want to support the effort, then please head over to the official blogathon page and lend your support for blogathon. You can select my name from the drop down menu, and put in a donation amount.

Also, if you want to subscribe to an RSS feed for the event, please click here.

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