Last modified on February 10th, 2008

So I’m currently at my mom’s place looking at her new computer. While checking out her new monitor, she spilled the goods:

Mom: “Hey, you know that blog entry about people getting to your blog by googling duanestorey.com”
Me: “Yah”
Mom: “Don’t tell anyone, but it was us.. That’s what we do”

So there you have it. My mom needs a few lessons in how to browse the web. I still love her though. Even though it means I might be adopted.

5 responses to “Busted”

  1. Boris Mann says:

    Oooh. I should work on becoming #1 for duanestorey.com 😛

  2. Kat says:

    Don’t you just love moms!

  3. Jana says:

    That’s so funny! You’re mum is cute – picturing that lady from the stationery bike (priceless vid for me) saying this, i cant help laughing. :)) Actually i do it sometims but very rarely (when I don’t want the url to be saved on a computer -i do this for your own good 🙂 (or so i think)

  4. Jana says:

    Actually it’s stationAry.. duh!

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