Busy Busy Little Bee

Last modified on August 30th, 2009

I was looking at my schedule tonight, trying to figure out where I have to be and when. Here’s what it’s currently looking like:

  • Sep 3 – 7, Camping at the Lake
  • Sep 10 – 13, Canadian Country Music Awards, Vancouver
  • Sep 18 – 20, Speaking at WordCamp Portland
  • Sep 24 – 28, Friends from Ontario in town

So basically every single weekend in September is already jam packed. I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m flying to Portland or driving. Considering I just drove to Portland a while ago, I’m leaning more towards flying. If I do that, I’ll probably fly out of Bellingham, since it’s a pretty close jaunt for me. If I drive maybe I’ll bring my tent and crash near Mount St. Helens (something I tell myself every single time I’m going to do, but so far, haven’t).

I also have to somehow get my guest room in order prior to the 24th. I have a spare bed at my grandma’s house I have to go pick up, and a pile of boxes to sort through. I’ve decided to basically give everything away I have still in boxes — it’s obvious I don’t need any of it. There are a few thousand dollars worth of engineering books in there, but I can’t imagine I’ll ever need any as a reference. Plus a pile of old computer parts and old clothes.

I’m going to purposefully leave October completely open so I can spend some time at home relaxing.

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