Campsite Down

Last modified on July 30th, 2009

Last night I had the choice of staying up at my campsite, which was all set up, or staying in my nice air-conditioned apartment. Given how gross it was outside, I actually decided to stay here and get a good night’s sleep. So this morning I had to wake up, do an hour long client call, and the head up to the lake and tear my campground down, which is thankfully all complete now.

So I’m back at home, and definitely looking forward to a semi-normal weekend around the house. The last few weekends have been fairly crazy, either because I was driving down to Oregon, or because I was involved in a 24-hour charity event. This weekend I’ll probably sleep in, make an appearance at the gym, get some groceries, do some cleaning, and probably just lounge around the house for the weekend. I’m actually really looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday — feels like I haven’t had a really great night’s sleep in quite a while.

Things are definitely picking up again at work, so other than a trip down to deception pass and/or Anacortes later this month, I probably won’t be taking too much time off for a while now. I might do another weekend camping trip in late August or September, but probably my next real vacation will be somewhere warm in November or so.