Chad And Danielle's Christmas Party

Last modified on December 8th, 2007

Last night I made the long trek out of the downtown core and ended up near Metrotown, which surprisingly isn’t as far away as I imagined. Chad has a really nice pad out there, complete with an outdoor deck that would be just killer for summer parties and BBQing.

Chad has a tradition at his party where everyone has to pick a decoration for the tree, and then proceed to make love to it somehow. Not sure how this came to be, but everyone eagerly began licking and kissing their decorations.

After everyone had hit the beers in the fridge, Chad promptly dove straight into his massive scotch collection and started going crazy on that. After a few, he basically took position in his recliner like some dude out of masterpiece theatre and began to chuckle to himself occasionally. I was giving Raymi a play-by-play via SMS, and when I told her Chad had hit the scotch, she replied with this:

Out in Toronto you see, they have this weekly tradition called “sober night”, which seems to involve massive amounts of dirty martinis and drunken SMS messages from some grungy basement.

And of course another fun shot from Toronto “sober night”:

Photo by Christie

Chad was also attempting to send drunken SMS messages, but was having massive difficulty navigating his phone pad. I heard various “fucks” and “oh shits” and he somehow sent half completed messages to his friends, followed promptly by a rather large sip of scotch, and a further descent into the comfort of the recliner.

At one point Chad and Danielle demonstrated the yearly Christmas Breast-Feeding-The-Bottle-By-A-Manger move, which was a big hit.

Danielle was a gracious host, making sure we were all stuffed full of chips, salsa, layered dip and wings. Very tasty.

It was good times. I have zero plans today. I think I’ll check my back account happiness level and then maybe go shopping.

4 responses to “Chad And Danielle's Christmas Party”

  1. Not as far as you thought? You need to get out more.

  2. Ciavarro says:


    Nice work as usual.

    Hope you enjoyed yourself!

  3. Duane Storey says:

    Yah man, good times. I’ll have you guys over to chez-Duane sometime soon.

  4. van-nasty says:

    nice to meet you on friday night duane.
    can’t wait to see all your pictures especially the one of me being uber-emo with the heart decoration on my sleeve … awwwww….

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