Change Of Seasons

Last modified on October 26th, 2008

LeavesA few weeks ago, after spending the weekend out in Hamilton, I stepped off the plane here in Vancouver and felt the brisk, cold air of a summer now long since past. It was a harsh reminder of how things change, and how fast time seems to move sometimes. It seems like just the other day I was celebrating my birthday back in April, and here we are, knee deep in October’s gloominess.

Halloween is just around the corner. For me at least, it’s not an event I particularly look forward to, and view at it as more of a nuisance as opposed to a day to celebrate. I expect I’ll be out at the movies that night, or having a few beers at home. I’ve never been one for dressing up in costumes (although I have no problem going to something formal), although I appreciate that some people do. Last year around this time I was out in Toronto, hanging out backstage at Matt’s Massey Hall show, and meeting some new friends for the first time.

Last night I went out to a little meetup down at the Two Parrots, and shared a pitcher of beer and some nachos with Rebecca and a few others. Apparently the evening went rather late for most of them, but as for me, I packed up and headed home early as I was pretty beat. I spent the remainder of the evening parked in front of the TV, watching Love Actually (which is actually a really well-done romantic comedy), and thinking about the next few months.

Christmas TreeAs most people who know me already know, I have yet to take my Christmas tree down from last year. At first, I was just lazy, and didn’t really get around to it. After a few months though, I sort of grew accustomed to having it in the corner, and just decided to leave it up. Truth is, the little four foot tree I have in the corner makes me smile whenever I look at it, and I just didn’t have the heart to rip it down. Thankfully, Christmas is just around the corner, and it makes more sense to leave it up now than to disassemble it.

I’ve been struggling lately thinking about my future. After eight years of school and around the same amount of time working away in the high technology industry, I’ve sort of become disenchanted with the working world. I’ve felt, especially in the last year or so, that it was time for a change, but just can’t seem to figure out what to do differently, or how to change things around. Unfortunately for me, the rather hefty student loan attached to my back severely limits what I can do at this point. But hopefully sometime in the near future I will finally pay it off, and then have the ability to make future decisions not on what I need to do, but rather what I want to do.

Change is, of course, usually scary and difficult, but from my personal experience, rarely turns out for the worse. Only time will tell where I ultimately end up, either out in Chilliwack in a little place on Cultus Lake, or maybe somewhere in Europe, curled up next to some cute girl reading a book. But I’m pretty certain that by this time next year things will be a lot different in my life, and I’m looking forward to that.

6 responses to “Change Of Seasons”

  1. tyfn says:

    Cool Christmas tree. I have total confidence that a year from now you will look back at this change in your life as the right move to make.

  2. Peter says:

    Nice tree – I remember thinking of Charlie Brown when I saw it first, which is never a bad thing. I’d say good luck, but I agree with Phillip that I’m sure you’re going to be pleased with where your life takes you next year. Just go for it, whatever it is or wherever it ends up.

  3. Duane Storey says:

    The problem of doing anything different is the nearly $1000 worth of loan repayments I have to make a month at this point. Until those are gone, I’m really hesitant to make any big changes in my life, especially with the economy going down the tubes.

    In a perfect world someone would pay me a decent amount of money so that I could work from home and still have a comfortable life-style (which would allow me to travel as well, and simply work from coffee shops). If you know of such a position, definitely let me know!

  4. Tracy says:

    I love the Christmas tree. I watch Christmas movies all year round, it’s not uncommon for me to bust out Frosty in the middle of May or the Polar Express in August. I only noticed yesterday on my way from Coquitlam to Downtown how the season has changed, all the trees were shades of yellow, orange and red. It just kind of hit me. I really enjoyed reading this Duane =)

  5. Lisa says:

    I think in someways we are all looking for change, we just may not know how to go about it. After losing my job to the economy mess, I now have to look for other employment and that may have to be in a different field.

    That perfect world of working from coffee shops sounds pretty good to me right now.

  6. Sebrina says:

    Love Actually is my favorite Romantic flick. Good call. 🙂

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