Chilling out at home

Last modified on September 18th, 2006

So, I’m all over this “chilling out at home” thing. I’ve spent the last few nights just pittering around my apartment, drinking coffee, and listening to music. Hell, I even cooked my own dinner tonight (it wasn’t very good though). I feel a lot better now that I’ve had a few good nights of sleep, even though I could still use a bit more.

I rediscovered some panorama software on my computer, and decided to try and stich a few together. Here’s is a stich of a few shots from my apartment this weekend. Sean asked me to try one at night, so I’ll do that soon too.

Panorama off my patio

On another note — does anyone have high definition at home? Is it just me, or does the HD programming royally suck? I’m always excited when I watch something in HD, but I’m so sick of watching the news of some weird animal kingdom program. Why can’t I see Lord of the Rings in HD or something arguably cooler?