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For some reason, I seem to get a lot of flack for getting ready for Christmas this early. There are those who can’t possibly believe that someone would put their decorations up in November, instead waiting until the last minute to put theirs up.

For me, I love Christmas. I love coming home and flipping on the strand alongside my main window. I love being curled up on the couch with my duvet and a good movie, having no lights on except for the dim glow of my tree.

My Christmas setup last year

I guess part of the reason is that while in university, Christmas always went too fast. By that time, you were also extremely homesick, and putting up a few lights and some decorations somehow seemed to make studying in late December that much more bearable. Unfortunately for me, I always had exams on the last possible day, and was frequently left alone in residence, having said goodbye to most of my friends a few days before. Even the cafeteria shut down, and I was forced to fend for myself, usually by consuming vast quantities of Mr. Noodles (one of the few things you can cook without a proper kitchen).

So at home, I love having a tree up, and a string or two of lights. As the next few weeks unfold, I’m going to spend a bit more time at home watching movies, getting a few gifts for my niece and nephew, and even cooking at home from time to time.

One of my traditions is to sit at home with some friends and put on Die Hard. I’m not sure why, but that movie has somehow always been associated with Christmas for me. It’s sitting on top of my DVD player, just waiting to be played. So, stay tuned because maybe YOU will be invited to the Die Hard party! Yippee kay-ay, mother fucka.

And just to make this entry a bit more fun — what are some things that all of you are looking forward to for the holiday season?

Also, congrats to Christie for her glorious return to the world of blogging. Glad to have you back (clearly you picked the best wordpress theme EVER to start with).

10 responses to “Christmas”

  1. Cristina says:

    The best part of Christmas for me is setting up the tree and definitely Christmas lights..I also put Christmas lights in my room, usually from the day after Thanksgiving (US) until right after my birthday, Jan. 12.

    Also Christmas movies, but only a few, mostly the funny ones:

    “A Christmas Story”, which to me is the best X-mas movie ever….
    “Christmas Vacation”
    “How the Grinch stole Christmas”

    And, of course, the Christmas episode of South Park!!lol

  2. I’m looking forward to my snowboarding trip to the Austrian Alps and a lot of snow! Well, at least I hope I’ll see a lot of snow this time as last winter season was really disappointing here in Europe…

  3. Jenn says:

    EVERYTHING. The lights, the decorations, the cutesy annoying jumping stuffed animals that play reedy sounding music, ALL of it. Were I not so tired of flack regarding all the other things I do, I’d have decorated by now as well. I wait until my birthday every year (Dec 2nd) and then I decorate my place and work on the same day. It’s been a tradition for about 5 years now across 2 jobs, I make cookies and chocolates for everyone, usually stuffed inside mini stockings that I glitter glue their names onto, then I bring in cookies (that I always mean to bake ahead of time, but never have time for) for whoever is working so they can eat and be merry while I annoy them with the holiday channel on Shaw Digital (which is where I work). Last year each desk had it’s own colour theme. I brought in let’s say…. blue garland, lights, and different sizes of balls. Each desk’s theme would also include as many mini Christmas trees I could find that matched, and then I’d wrap empty boxes and put them under the trees, so each one was almost it’s own living room. And since we’re on the subject of Christmas crazy, I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve already bought decorations from 3 different stores. If you like shopping for decorations that are cheap and ever changing, try Home Sense. My sister purposely got a job at the one here in Kelowna just so she could see all the new decorations coming in, buy what she wants, and then call me at home to report it. Sorry for the long post, I’m stuck at YVR waiting for my 9am flight which will not arrive until 6 more hours pass. I may post again…

  4. awww your tree looks so perdy! I love it. 🙂 Thank you for the well wishes (and help), and wow…it’s almost time to get ready for the holidays. crazzzzzzzzzzzzy.

  5. p.s. i am so going to watch die hard today, now. gah

  6. Anne says:

    Die hard? How unique. I must say the best part about Chritmas are the old classic cartoons. I just don’t care how old I get I will always be glued to the t.v when Rudolph or Frosty comes on. Looking forward to it when I am in an old age home because by that time I won’t remember watching them a million times growing up. It will all be new again. lol. Anyways I am asking for 1 thing this year for Christmas and that is to have an old friend fly home from Tokyo for Christmas. Simple. Family, friends and loved ones are the most important in my life so any chance I can get to spend time with them is wonderful. These days life seems to just get in the way of the little things that matter most. Happy Holidays. Still wondering though about that tree topper? ha ha:) Cheers

  7. Tom says:

    I think your place looks great and as you know, I’m already under flack to get some up at my place. And…..let’s not forget everyone’s favourite………..”The Fire Crackling on the Television Set” along with the stereo playing Christmas Carols sung by William Shatner…….I know I can’t wait….

  8. Amanda says:

    Well, for me it really is everything. This week has been spent getting the house cleaned and organized and throwing out broken toys and too much paper. I really need a shredder. LOL.
    I love Christmas and the decorations too. I love how every finally takes the time to STOP and enjoy life, love, and eachother. I love the traditions we create. The surprise on the hildrens faces. I love playing with the kids and watching Andie(and sometimes you) set up the toys. I will never ever forget the year I won the Lil Tykes car and you and Andie drank and set it up for Jessie. We laughed so much and the look and that tired little girls face as she saw the car and you guys with the santas hats. The momories will never fade. I relive each of them every year with the look at the lights or a song on the stereo. I feel it.

    I can’t wait for this year. Maybe uncle Duane and Derek can spend time transforming…LOL
    PS….Die hard is it for me too….must have been mom that started that one….hehehehe

  9. Rebecca says:

    Breaking out the Ralphie Doll, which just happens to reside with the Dubya Doll in our Christmas box.

  10. Eva says:

    Ahhh… Nothing like watching The Christmas Story on near-infinite loop on TBS when I visit the folks in the States.

    If it weren’t for the cats, I’d probably have a small tree up and decorated. How early? Hmmm.. That’s up for debate. I do have those nice star lights from Ikea that I can hang in front of the window. 🙂 I think that’s about as Christmas-y it gets around here. :-/

    I like the blue lights, btw. 🙂

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