Come On Steve, Show Canada Some Love

Last modified on March 7th, 2008

Yesterday Apple released their long-waited for SDK for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. What this means is that if you’re interested in developing applications for the iPhone, you can simply download the SDK and get cracking. That is, unless you live in Canada.

That’s right, Steve Jobs has limited real development to people with valid US addresses. And even then, it’s an application process that costs a minimum of $99 to be a part of. I realize Canada is a really small demographic compared to the United States, but we’re not *that* small, and there really are some bright people up here. I had a friend download the SDK last night, and sure enough, until you get approved you can’t digitally sign any of your applications, which ultimately means you can’t install them on any real devices. I’m reminded of my Apple TV sitting in the other room which does not have the ability to view rented movies in Canada yet. It’s fairly clear that Canada is just an afterthought to all the decisions that go on down south.

A Bunch Of Worthless Canadians With Some Apple Products

Why do you do this to us Steve? Why is our love sauce not as sweet? You guys admitted a few weeks ago that Canadians are better lovers, so why do you keep hurting us when you know we only want to be with you?

I’m sure there will be ways to circumvent that if you’re in Canada and you *really* want to release an application. But part of the appeal is that Apple is going to do a revenue share of these applications using iTunes. So if you make an application, Apple will mass sell it for you and you’ll get a fraction (I think around 70%) of the profit.

Apple also mentioned a $100 million dollar fund for cool iPhone ideas and/or applications. Only catch is you have to be an American.

Come on Steve. Time to show Canada some love.

4 responses to “Come On Steve, Show Canada Some Love”

  1. Clay says:

    Um…do the words “less than 10% of the market” mean anything? Our government makes it difficult enough for companies to do business here that for a tiny market share we just aren’t always worth it at first. We are as much an afterthought to apple as apple is to software makers. Sucks, but thats the way it is.

  2. Duane Storey says:

    If we were talking about introducing new technology being introduced into Canada, I might agree with you. But we’re talking about the ability to have a key so you can develop software for Apple. It’s completely lame that Canadians aren’t eligible.

  3. Caleb H. says:

    Get your facts right. The reason why we don’t get all TV shows that the states gets and the movie rentals is because of the stupid C.R.T.C. They control what Apple can put on the itunes store and they also won’t let any none-canadian companies to bid on cellphone air waves. United States has opened up the cellphone market to outside bidders and look how great their rates are. And so bottom line. C.R.T.C. is the reason why Apple can not sell what they want to cell in Canada, TV shows, Movies, Movie Rentals, and Iphone. Someone has to do something about that stupid C.R.T.C.

  4. Duane Storey says:

    You care to back up that statement (at least with regards to TV) with more than personal speculation? I can’t find anything on the internet that is conclusive in that area. In fact, most people think the statements by the CRTC are completely opposite to what you are suggesting with regards to content distributed over the Internet:

    I’m simply saying that, although the CRTC would I’m sure like to “rule the roost” completely where all media of any form in Canada is concerned, they are not quite at that level of control over Apple’s iTunes store in Canada yet. People can make all the assertions about the CRTC’s draconian influence that they want, and in many cases it’s warranted, but in this case no one has offered proof. The mere lack of programming on the iTunes store is not evidence enough.

    Also, 90% of what I wrote was with regards to Apple not letting Canadian developers have access to develop products for the Apple SDK. How does that fit into the CRTC?

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