Day 2 – The Airplane Plague

Last modified on November 20th, 2009

About half-way through my flight the other day I went to the bathroom and really wasn’t feeling good. I really have no idea what it was, but my stomach was pretty upset and I was feeling a bit achy. Shortly after writing my blog posting yesterday, I ended up feeling pretty worse, and went to my room to curl up in bed. I passed out around 8pm or so, and slept until almost noon this morning (unfortunately, a rather unrestful sleep since my stomach was keeping me up).

So I’m not sure if I caught something on the plane, or possibly ate something that didn’t agree with me (which I kind of doubt, since I was feeling a bit sick before landing in Punta Cana), but I spent the last 24 hours feeling pretty crappy. I forced myself to get out of bed around noon and down to the pool. I’m thankful to say that I’m almost back to feeling my old self again, but sure was feeling crappy about 15 hours ago.

Unfortunately internet is a lot crappier down here than we thought it would be. The brochure said “Free Wireless” but I have yet to find any. In fact, if you want wireless in your room you have to shell out $15 USD per day. Dale and I will need to figure something out in short order, as we have a few client things we need to take care of down here. Unfortunately until I figure that out it’s unlikely I’ll be able to hook my laptop and camera up to upload photos.

And speaking of Dale — judging by his Twitter stream, him and Sara took off a few hours ago from Toronto, and should arrive close to 9pm or so. So, I’ll probably grab a late supper and just chill out near the front bar until they arrive. Now that I’m back to feeling like my old self again, I’m looking forward to have a nice long day tomorrow, hopefully starting with an hour in the gym.

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  1. Val says:

    Sorry to hear you sick when you first arrived. I hope it has passed,what ever it was, so you can continue on and have A Great Trip.

    It feels like snow here today…don’t know what the weather man is saying… I’m jealous of your weather..I love the Carribean sun especially when you are next to a pool.

    Have Fun!!


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