Duane's Quad Core Server 1, Media Temple 0

Last modified on March 31st, 2008

So I’m not one to gloat, especially considering I recommended Media Temple to a few friends. But Media Temple just went down again, two days after I moved my blog back to a server in my house. Thankfully, my Linux box is chugging along nicely, and I didn’t experience an outage.

Rebecca was Twittering how lame it was that web hosting companies struggle to keep a simple blog up, and I totally understand her frustration. It’s one thing to pay $6 a month for hosting and have the odd outage, but it’s another when you’re paying $20 a month and expecting three to five nines worth of service. Media Temple has been fairly horrible lately, and despite my service tickets indicating how bad service is, haven’t done anything to compensate me or let me know what’s going on. Saying “engineers are looking into it” on their public status blog for over a week, without resolution, is pretty weak if you ask me.

Also, my brother in law just set up a blog (also on my machine). You can check it out at AndieFinnigan.com. He’s pretty computer retarded, so go easy on him.

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  1. Lazy says:

    Hi Duane,

    it`s more than just pretty weak in my eyes.. sounds like a company to stay away from ;/ and if i think about that you`re blog seems faster to me since you moved.. no one should take webspace there.. Bad for all the people who got accounts there and can`t move ;/



  2. HaHaHa

    I am not computer retarded. Yes not all of us can be like the mighty duaner and have a webpage up in minutes. Blogging is definitly different since last time I did a webpage. Had to create everything by hand using notepad and all. Php is much better just have to get use to how to code in php again!!

    Looking forward to blogging again

    Oh ya forgot to mention how nice Duane is to host my page.
    Random sucking up so he doesnt just delete me lol


    Andie (aka MaDTaZ)

  3. Duane Storey says:

    Seriously dude, don’t worry about the PHP – I got your back. Just focus on blogging, which is what most of these new systems let you do.

  4. Lazy says:

    lol.. great.. looks good but needs a little bit seo opti.. doesn`t it? sounds like more work for Duane 😉

    watched the video, own the same guitar (i think) 🙂 but not that good notebook.. just an old notebook to get online when i`m traveling around the world. what a pitty that i`m going to syria this year in summer and they only got analog..modem..connections.. but i hope i can stand it for 2-3 weeks and my little server stays doesn`t break down meanwhile.

    back to topic.. got an brother, too, but i think my brother would first search about 2-4 minutes to find the notepad.. in winxp.. 😉

    rock on,


  5. Duane Storey says:

    SEO optimization? How so? I’ve optimized quite a bit of this site already. Almost all of it is tied to the theme. If you have any other ideas, just let me know.

  6. Duane Storey says:

    Oh, you meant Andie’s blog. I get it 🙂

  7. Lazy says:

    oh.. i should read it before sending it.. -stays of course.. and i you wonder why i`m commenting here.. i really like the blog and opinions around there. soo. time for coffee.. have a good day


  8. Lazy says:

    Yes Duan, Andie`s 🙂 sorry.. my english.. long time ago..school.. and i never used it as much as i should have.. i think.. reading works, writing.. hm.. sometimes.. 😉

  9. Lazy says:

    ok.. i spam.. sorry 🙂 but you asked.. one thing i recognized.. back to top (after comments) maybe should use an anker and not reload the post, then it would go faster.. or?

    soo.. sorry for spaming 😉


  10. Duane Storey says:

    Good idea, I just changed it.

  11. Andrea says:

    I’m on a VPS moving to dedicated shorty. Now that’s pricey. The sites kept going down and the host kept trying to tell me to upgrade, but eventually we narrowed it down to faulty equipment.

    At least next time it goes down, it’ll probably be all my fault though. 😀

  12. Lazy says:

    Hi Andrea,

    buddypress sounds great.. sceenshots look nice.. first time i saw it at your site some seconds ago.. maybe it`s time to give wordpress mu a try and buddypress svn.. mabye tomorrow if my girlfriend give me time 😉

    nice blog, andrea, hope the downtimes are history.. for you both here. 😉



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