Entry #12 – Rebecca Bollwitt

Last modified on July 25th, 2009

I first met Rebecca at Northern Voice a few years ago. I had recognized her from her Vancouver blog, and also from some photos from a private Matthew Good show that happened a few years ago in his living room. We were both on our way to get some beer (a recurring theme in our friendship), and chatted briefly. At the time, I’m pretty sure she thought I was crazy, but I’d chat with her every once and a while during the course of the weekend.

Rebecca Bollwitt

Strangely enough my 30th birthday was shortly afterwards, and I invited Rebecca out. She not only showed up, but she also brought her husband John and her sister Jenny. Since that time, I’ve become good friends with Rebecca’s whole family, and often crash on their couch when I’m in the city.

We’ve shared a lot of great adventures together, including rainy camping, conferences in San Francisco, and even weekend trips up to Whistler. I count myself lucky to have Rebecca as a friend, and am glad that we met on the way to the beer lineup years ago.

Rebecca’s currently supporting the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver, so make sure you drop by her website and check out her postings as well. Also, I’m only about 75% of the way to my goal, so if you’d like to support my efforts or the BC Children’s Hospital, please consider donating via this page. Thanks!