Entry #12: Some Of My Favourite Photos

Last modified on July 26th, 2008

As most of you know, I really enjoy photography. I have been fortunate enough to have received a bit of recognition for some of the shots I’ve done, and even managed to attend the 2008 Canadian Juno Awards as a photographer.

I thought I’d post a few of my favourite shots here for those that are new here.

Vancouver Lights

Vancouver From Above

Vancouver Inuqshuk

Kitsilano Beach

Apartment View

Most of these shots make use of a technique called high dynamic range (HDR) photography.

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4 responses to “Entry #12: Some Of My Favourite Photos”

  1. Tara says:

    I love these photos.
    I thought I would check in on your blogathon and say “hi”. I hope the “day” is going well so far.

  2. Andrea says:

    Good morning from the east coast. 🙂 Great shots. Can you explain HDR a little more?

  3. Great photos Duane. I plan to read your tutorial on HDR one of these days…

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