Entry #18 – Blogathon Update

Last modified on July 25th, 2009

This entry represents post 18 out of a total of 49. So, I still have a fairly long ways to go. To be honest, I was pretty beat when I woke up, and feeling pretty worn out around 9:30am or so, but thankfully I seem to have gotten another wind. I’ve been consuming diet pop like it’s going out of style, so that might have something to do with it. Or perhaps, it could be the big bottle of water I also started drinking in an effort to rehydrate myself. Whatever it is that’s keeping me going, I sure hope it lasts for a while.

Blogathon @ Workspace

Photo by John Biehler

Various friends of ours have been swinging by and dropping off goodies, so right now I have 2.5 L of diet pop in front of me, as well as some candies. So, I’ll be slowly consuming that over the course of the day. I also brought some candles for when the sun goes down, so I imagine we’ll ramp towards 6am tomorrow in front of some candlelight, and hopefully a celebratory beer or two.

In terms of donations, I’m sitting at the $850 $1,000 mark! Thanks everyone.

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