Entry #2 – BC Children's Hospital Foundation

Last modified on July 25th, 2009

The BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is an organization that works to improve the lives of every child who enters and leaves the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. For many families, the BC Children’s Hospital becomes a second home for a period time, often while they are helping a child of theirs get back to help:

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (BCCHF) supports the people, places and things required to ensure BC’s kids have access to outstanding pediatric care. Since 1982, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation has worked with children, families, caregivers and hundreds of thousands of British Columbians to give Children’s Hospital, and the Child & Family Research Institute the resources they need to excel.

In 2000, BCCHF merged with the Sunny Hill Foundation for Children (SHFC), which raises funds for the children served by the Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children. The merger enables the two organizations to maximize revenues for the benefit of child health, increase efficiencies and eliminate duplication.

Through a wide range of fundraising events and opportunities, the Foundation is united with its donors by a single, simple passion – to improve the health and the lives of the young people who enter BC Children’s Hospital every day.

I friend of mine in Chilliwack has a 12 year old daughter with an inoperable brain tumor, and both her and her daughter have spent a good deal of time down at the BC Children’s Hospital this last year. My Blogathon efforts this year are dedicated to families like hers, and for all the other children who may pass through the doors at the BC Children’s Hospital.

I’m currently up to approximately $620 in donations, with a personal goal of around $1,000. If you would like to support my efforts, and subsequently the children at the BC Children’s Hospital, then please consider donating here. Many thanks.

Here’s a photo at around 6:30am of the sun rising over Gastown and Vancouver:

3 responses to “Entry #2 – BC Children's Hospital Foundation”

  1. Lindsey says:

    Good morning! I love your charity.

  2. Duane Storey says:

    Thanks, I love my charity too!

  3. Tia says:

    I never thought a sunrise shot of SuperPanMax Cranes would make me nostalgic for the days of yore, but they do. It brings me back to 4AM shifts at the Vancouver Renaissance Hotel Harborside, where, after nights of epic partying, I’d stick toothpicks in my eyes, and plaster a smile on my face for cruise ship tourists. VanTerm definintely says “early morning” to me.

    Have a great day, and keep up the good work!!

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