Erin's Wedding

Last modified on November 4th, 2006

Ahh, I just got back from a night on the town with my ex-roommate Brigitte.. I had a great time — it’s always fun hanging out with a new crowd.

This afternoon, Erin stopped by work and gave me her wedding DVD for tomorrow. You see, Erin is a good friend of mine from Chilliwack.. Her last name is Stringer, and mine is Storey, so in our younger grades, we always got sat next to each other in classes where we got sit alphabetically. So, we sort of got to know each other over the years.. This summer, she met a really great guy, and she eloped to Vegas with him and got married. Tomorrow is a big wedding reception for her and Matt down at the Vancouver Law Courts, and it should be a good time.. She said she was renting a pile of equipment to show the Vegas wedding video to everyone. I told her I could just as easily play it from my laptop for free, so she was pretty excited about it.. So anyways, I just got home from the bar, and started watching her video (which I need to have ready to show to 120 people at around 6pm tomorrow)… And it was so cool.. I love watching people you know, or at least you think you know, but you get to see them from an entirely different perspective.. it’s so neat seeing what happens when a person finds their soul mate.. I watched the 8 minute video laughing to myself. Seeing them in Vegas, scared, excited, reciting their vows, getting married.. It’s such a cool thing to see.. As soon as I can find out how to post it to youtube, I’ll put it up here… I love it.

It reminds me of Margo’s wedding a few years ago.. Margo is one of my best friends, and I was the MC for their wedding.. And yet, no matter how much I knew Margo and Robbie, I was completely surprised by the video they put up of them, and their life together.. Because I thought I knew both of them completely, but the reality was I hardly knew anything about their relationship at all. It was literally like 15 years of clips from their life together (including little pieces in the sandbox before they even knew each other).. It was cool.

So anyways, tomorrow should be a great time..

Also, Jeff and Michele are having a baby girl in just a few months, so I picked up the the big Penguin stuffed animal (which I promised to put in the baby’s room before she was born) this week. He’s been hanging out at my desk at work all week, and I hope to drop him off soon.

I’ll try and post some pics on Sunday.