Et Tu, Flickr?

Last modified on November 5th, 2009

I’ve been a pro member of Flickr for years now, and it’s one of the few services where dropping $30 a year is a no brainer for me. Unfortunately, they seem to have done something to the service the other day that makes it more difficult for me to use in general now.

Specifically, I used to be able to option click on a photo and copy the image URL so I could use it in a blog posting. Now on the individual photo pages, an option click seems to automatically put you in notes editing mode.

Anyways, not sure what they did, but I really hope they undo it. It makes my blogging workflow a bit more laborious (right now I’m using Safari inspector to grab the URL of the photo I want — I suspect there’s another way, but I couldn’t find it).

4 responses to “Et Tu, Flickr?”

  1. Tyler says:

    Why not use TanTanNoodles plugin for wordpress? That way you just insert the photo you want via your Flickr Account? That way you don’t need to copy/paste etc

  2. Kevin says:

    I noticed this myself today and it made it very frustrating. Now to grab the URL I have to go into the “sizes” page and make far too many extra clicks.

  3. Andrea_R says:

    I’ve always clicked on over to the “all sizes” page and grabbed the code so people can click on thru to flickr.

  4. The same feature now makes it impossible (when I try) to drag the image to your desktop from the photo’s main page too. I’m not sure why it would change, since the People feature is an expanded version of Notes.

    Worth sending to Flickr feedback, anyway.

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