Europe Bound

Last modified on March 16th, 2007

This morning I came into work fully expecting to have a long day and then go home to bed. But it now appears I have to go home, do laundry, and pack for a last minute trip to Finland. Which is cool I guess, since I’ve never been anywhere in Europe before (which in itself is strange considering how much travelling I’ve done). It’s going to be a work related trip, so I probably won’t have too much time to relax, but I’m taking a few days at the end (I hope) to explore a little bit and see what it’s like.

5 responses to “Europe Bound”

  1. Jill says:

    Hah, this engineering thing is all a front. Clearly you’re an international spy jetting off on another assignment. 😉

  2. Duane says:

    They call me Bond, Duane Bond.

  3. Kasia says:

    “Olut” is Finnish for beer. There, now you’re ready for anything. HAVE FUN!!! And if you can, catch a train up to Rovaniemi up at the Arctic Circle – that’s where the real Santa lives. Oh, and eat some reindeer too. Goes well with the olut.

  4. mel says:

    oh really? Wow, I do find that surprising that you’ve never been before. I”ve never been to finland so it’ll be great to see your photos!

  5. Beth says:

    Why doesn’t my job send me off to Europe? Sooo jealous!!

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