Favourite Movie Scene #2: Star Wars Battles

Last modified on December 13th, 2007

The original Star Wars Trilogy really needs no introduction, so I won’t really say much about it except that it totally kicked ass, as would any trilogy involving a bad guy voiced by James Earl Jones.

This scene is a classic battle scene involving Luke and Darth Vadar, where of course Luke loses his hand at the end and ultimately learns who his real father is. And seriously, pretty much every kid who ever watches this scene spends the rest of their lives making lightsaber noises whenever they swing anything. Hell, I even hold out my hand when I approach automatic doors and pretend I’m using the force to open them.

And I have to ask, when will YouTube finally start supporting non 4:3 aspect ratios? Come on, even most new broadcast TV is shot 16:9 now, and cinemascope is 2.35:1. Step up to the plate, youtube, and aim for the fences.

Ok, even though it deserves it’s own blog entry, the final fight in Return of the Jedi is fairly kick ass as well. I had to watch it after watching the first one.