First bit of wine

Last modified on January 19th, 2007

So, as promised, Sheila and I went out today and purchased a pile of wine down at the Alberni liquor store. Here’s a list of what I picked up:

Tomorrow I’m gonna head down to a place on 4th and figure out how to do this home brew stuff. I’ve been told that it tastes pretty good, and the price really can’t be beat for the day to day stuff.

3 responses to “First bit of wine”

  1. wbw says:

    duane, our wedding wine was all home made by Jess and mom. Its super easy and there
    is a place by us that we could take you to. Good deal. All in the grape juice you
    pick. Hey by the way, as i leave this comment it scrolls right into the other part
    of the screen

  2. Duane says:

    That’s because you look at too much porn and your computer is full of spyware.

    Actually, you’re right.. I’ll try and fix it.. Thanks man.. Let me know which place.

  3. Jill says:

    I’m getting pretty familiar with the $13 bottles of red wines. These are my picks:

    The Little Penguin–I admit, I first picked it because of my penchant for penguins, but I do really like the merlot.

    Kelly’s Revenge–tastes like summer.

    Robert Mondavi–which I discovered in Napa when I visited the posh winery. I can’t recommend a specific bottle because we tried so many it’s now all a blissful blur.

    Wallys Hut Shiraz–I heard that due to an oops and some weird bottling rules in Australia, this is actually a $25 calibre wine in a $12 bottle.

    In general, I think Australian reds are a good place to start sampling.

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