Folksonomy Updates

Last modified on January 31st, 2008

One of the changes I made on the site the other day was the inclusion of wordpress related entries plugin when viewing single posts. Unfortunately wordpress has completely overhauled their folksonomy system in the 2.3 version, and not all my posts are tagged properly. In fact, I’d say only about 20% of them really are. I’m going to try and do about 10 of my old posts a day or something like that to try and get them up to snuff, but it’s a fairly boring process, only made possible by this bottle of pinot beside me.

In other fairly exciting news, Boris Mann, everyone’s favourite Vancouver Janitor, has just pulled ahead in the competition (since he’s apparently part of it).

Way to go Boris. We still have a few weeks before this whole thing is over, and so far we’ve had two big upsets. I still have a few cards to play before I’m out of this game, so we’ll see just what happens.

Also, one of the cool parts of this whole exercise is that I’m re-reading a lot of old entries I had completely forgotten about. This one I wrote after a few drinks last Valentine’s day is a pretty interesting read, at least in my opinion (especially since Valentine’s is approaching again).

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  1. Jeff says:

    hey duane,

    enjoying the changes to the blog…especially the alternating-colors in the comments. my eyes like.

    slap it on the biscuit,

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