From Where We Began

Last modified on April 11th, 2007

So, I was reading my buddy Joey’s website when I stumbled across a recent article of his. It shows a video of him riding a bike when he was a kid, and of course, in typical kid fashion, hurting himself. When I saw this, I was reminded of a similar accident I had when I was a kid. My sister tied my wagon onto the back of her bike and was pulling me up and down Wiltshire street in Chilliwack. I was having a great time, probably because I was wearing my bright green boots and my tacky overalls. Out of nowhere, my sister hits the brakes. Unfortunately, the wagon didn’t have any way to stop, so I smashed into the back of the bike at a pretty fast speed. I tried to open my mouth to cry, but I then realized that all my top teeth were firmly planted in my bottom lip, and I couldn’t really open my mouth. I ran inside as fast as I could, only to have my parents pry my mouth open again.

So without further ado, because Joey’s a big success story now making Hollywood movies with Amanda Bynes and kickin ass in the internet space, I thought I’d share some of his earlier memories here by showing where he came from. So if you want to check out Joey’s crazy bike accident, click here.

You can read the whole article on his website.

** only one kid was hurt in the making of this video

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  1. Joey says:

    Haha! Duane, I can’t thank you enough, I am flattered. Haha. I am so glad I met you through this crazy blogosphere of ours. I would love to see that video, sounds hilarious, you should upload it. Talk to you later!

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