Full Circle

Last modified on March 2nd, 2007

Well, my vacation is slowly coming to an end. It doesn’t really matter how much time you take off, for some reason it always seems to go by in the blink of an eye. Thankfully though, I got to do a few of the things I wanted to do — I spent my first weekend lounging around Vancouver and catching up on sleep. The next few days I spent in Seattle, seeing that city up close for the first time, and even making a few new friends along the way.

I originally opted against going to Mexico for this vacation, simply because it would be too much money. However, between my new laptop, some hotel bills, a few bar tabs, dinner with a friend, and other bits and pieces, I probably spent somewhere on the order of $3500 in the last week, which is pretty sizable. So, I guess I should lay low for the next little while and take it easy.

I’ve been a bit out of sorts lately. Years ago I made a bunch of promises to myself of things I would do or have done by the time I turned thirty, and that time is fast approaching. Living up to those promises means making changes, letting some things go and reaching out to other things that have been passing me by.

Tomorrow I’m getting into my car and heading back to Chilliwack. I haven’t been back there since Christmas, which seems odd considering I used to go back every few weeks or so. I’m hoping to spend some time with my dad and mom, and even pop by to see my niece and nephew for a bit. Saturday night is Cory’s house warming party, and I’ll be dropping in to check out their new place, see how big Carson is now, and to catch up with some really old friends. Other than that, it will be business as usual in a few days.

One thing I’m going to try and change after my break is my daily routine. I used to get up around 9 and head into work for around 10. On a “normal” day, I’d leave the office sometime around 7, which gets me home around 8 or 9, depending on whether or not I went to the gym. The problem with that is that I never seem to go to the gym because I’m too tired, and when I get home at 9, I always end up staying up late just because I don’t really feel like I’ve done anything.

So this time, I’m going to make a big effort to a) get up earlier b) go to the gym or a run or something before work c) get into work early and d) leave work early. Engineers seem to like to get in late and leave late, but it really wrecks any chance at a normal life. So, that’s my goal. Hopefully I can pull it off.

On Wedneday I’ll get to figure out exactly what the heck is going on with my eye, and when and where I’ll be going for surgery, should they choose to go that route. Considering I saw a lot of Seattle as a sort of double-vision type blur, I’m interested to hear what they have to say. I’ll keep everyone in the loop.

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  1. Rosie says:

    You’ll be able to pull off waking up early and getting in a workout. It can be a challenge, though!! I used to be like you, working and then going for a workout, and I realised my days were getting extremely late where I felt like I wasn’t doing anything!! But now I wake up at 6 (this is someone who used to go to bed at 3 or 4 in the morning — now it’s more like an 11 pm bedtime), work out, get to work around 9:30 and I am home around 6. It’s GREAT!

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