Funny Crispin Glover Interview

Last modified on October 14th, 2006

I was killing some time while waiting for Chris to get off work so we could go see a movie. So, I popped in the nearest movie on my rack, which just happened to be Back to the Future. Usually while I watch a movie at home, I’ll surf the net and investigate random things that spark my interest while watching the show. So, I was surfing to see what happened with all the people from the movie since 1985. I found a funny youtube video of Marty McFly’s dad (Crispin Glover) from an interview on David Letterman. It’s almost painful to watch.

2 responses to “Funny Crispin Glover Interview”

  1. Jason says:

    This is a good article that references the incident.

  2. cheung says:

    Here’s a follow up interview with letterman… almost as weird as the first.

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