Gearing Up

Last modified on August 19th, 2007

Well, my dad is officially on vacation right now, and I’m only a few days behind him. It seems weird that in just four more days I’ll be getting on a plane and disappearing for nearly two weeks. The next couple days are likely to be extremely busy. I have to get some new clothes and sandals for the beach, and also get my place cleaned up and my bags packed.

Hurricane Dean is hitting Jamaica pretty hard right now, and is supposed to head towards Mexico next, so it’s likely it will be completely gone when I get down there — hopefully nobody down there gets hurt while it’s passing through. I get into Ottawa at around 7am on Friday morning, and will probably try to check into my hotel and sleep for a few hours. At night I’m sure I’ll get together with Rob and Boris and have a few beers, even if it’s while we’re all setting up. Sunday I get on a greyhound bus at 2:30am and hit Montreal. The only problem is I have to get to the airport, and the bus is talking me to the greyhound station. Right now I’m planning on hailing a cab and getting to the airport, so hopefully it all falls together.

So, in less that seven days, I’ll be checking in from 35C weather in the Dominican, hopefully around a pool bar. I’ll post as many photos as possible.

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  1. Gregg says:

    Have a great time, I’ll be looking forward to the pictures. Kinda jealous, how come you get to go somewhere where they are having summer?

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