Getting Close

Last modified on July 11th, 2009

As you can see, things have changed around here a bit. I actually still have quite a bit left to do on this theme, but it’s functional enough that I put it live. I’m going to do a custom template for the upcoming Blogathon event, and also flesh out the content in a few more areas. But it’s definitely getting close. Thanks to Dale for his help with this too.

4 responses to “Getting Close”

  1. Tyler says:

    Ooohh.. I’m getting excited to see the finished product!!

    Is that a camera lens in the top left corner?

  2. Chris says:

    I’m really liking the changes. Seriously. I especially like the how your landing page has a different focus.

  3. Duane Storey says:

    I’m purposefully trying to put more focus on my photography, and less on my writing.. Still gonna keep tinkering..

  4. Raul says:

    Love the theme, the new landing pages, etc.

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