Gonna be some changes around here

Last modified on September 3rd, 2007

I’m pretty beat, having spent a good portion of the day traveling again. The flight from Montreal to Vancouver, with the strong head winds, was almost six hours long – thankfully it was extremely bearable up in business class, thanks to my hot towel and my tasty meals. Despite all the perks associated with business class (and there are many), I think the main one I enjoyed is that the flight attendants and people you encounter all automatically treat you with respect. If you have a problem, they’ll help you solve it. If you don’t like your seat, they’ll help you move. Worried about your luggage? No problem — you get a fancy “PRIORITY” tag put on it. Try any of that in steerage class, and they’ll just laugh at you usually, at least on Air Canada.

I don’t make enough to afford business class on my own, but it sure was a nice treat this time around. All in all, I had a really great trip, and I promise to write more about it sometime soon. I haven’t been on PST in about two weeks, so I imagine tomorrow might be a tad rough for me.

If you’ve hit my website via my main URL (www.duanestorey.com), you’ve undoubtedly noticed a few changes. I’m going to be doing a few more this coming week, and part of next weekend (I booked this upcoming Friday off as the last day of my vacation for the year probably, so I’ll have a long weekend on this side, most likely to go camping). Part of the reason I’m changing things around is that I’ve decided to put less emphasis on blogging in my life. I have a few different hobbies now, and while I love writing and blogging, the truth is that it’s taking way too much of my free time. While in the Caribbean, I came to the realization that on average I spend around an hour or more a day working on my blog or writing new entries, which if you do the math is nearly one full day per week — I’ve decided that I want some of that time back to do other things (even if those things are as simple as listening to music) for the next little while. I will still blog, but I would rather do one or two good entries a week as opposed to seven to ten mediocre ones.

The main RSS feed on the front page will contain all my blog entries, and I’ll probably slide my better Flickr photos in there too. I’m also going to spend some time over the next few weeks putting together a formal photography website with the expectation that I’m going to start doing more in that area. I’ve had a few requests recently to shoot a wedding or two (and of course there was that unexpected photoshoot for Puma that I did last month), so I think that it’s about time I do a proper portfolio and see what happens.

If you find anything that’s broken, please let me know so I can fix it right away. Other than that, keep checking back and letting me know what you think.

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  1. bren says:

    dude write less, post pics of beauties more

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