Good Vibes For Duane

Last modified on September 24th, 2007

Hi Duaniacs, Rebecca here. I seriously hope I don’t mess anything up but I just remembered that Duane gave me a login for his site a while back when I did a guest post. Since it’s been two days I thought I would keep the Duane blog alive and give everyone an update.

Like Hesty said in a comment on the previous post, Duane has been admitted to St. Paul’s Hospital with pneumonia. Our contact with him has been limited and unfortunately my cell phone likes to send multiple instances of the same message which must be getting annoying for him, and the other patients. I know he doesn’t like to leave his blog dormant for very long so that’s why I thought I would step in. He must not be a very happy camper, his sickness prevented him from attending Matt‘s show on Thursday, a wedding on Saturday and John’s birthday as well but he was sorely missed at each event.


I hear he’s pretty bored so I think John and I will be making an appearance at St. Paul’s this evening to give him some company. Also, if I can find one of those little water games with the two buttons that you hit with your thumbs that pump air into the water and shoot the little fish into the net or the basketball in the hoop… I’ll bring one for him, cause those are super fun.

Send all the good, healthy vibes you can his way. Get well soon, Duane! (and here’s hoping you’re surrounded by some super cute nurses)