Google Adsense

Last modified on January 24th, 2007

I’ve had an adsense account for around a year now. I tried putting it on the blog once, but it really seemed out of place, and who was I kidding — nobody was really reading at that point. Nobody’s really reading now, but I got bored, so I put some ads up on a few pages I thought people might hit occasionally.

So, after one full day of having adsense enabled, here are my earnings:

65 cents

Oh yeah, that’s it baby. At this rate, I can get a case of beer in about a month. Unfortunately, I can’t cash it out until I reach the $100 mark, which means I won’t be sipping that sweet nectar until sometime around the 6 month mark. But at that point, I’ll go grab a few cases of beer somewhere with some friends, and think about all those poor bastards who read my garbage and clicked on my links. And to each one of those people who supported me over the years and read this blog, who clicked those links even though they didn’t want to buy anything, I’ll drink from those sweet cases and give them my thanks.

And it’s gonna be one heck of a photo.

Oh, and in other news, if you do a google search for “duane”, you’ll find my website at #10. That’s not bad considering how many Duane’s there probably are in the world. I searched for “clay”, but I got bored looking for him after 100 pages or so. Sorry buddy.